Root Canal


When we talk about root canals we are referring to the nerves inside a tooth. Every tooth has nerve(s) which bring sensation to the tooth. There are blood vessels inside a tooth as well which bring nutrients to a tooth. When a tooth becomes infected and the infection gets very close or inside a nerve, severe pain can be experienced. If left untreated it could lead to an abscess. To eliminate the agonizing pain and discomfort, root canal therapy is initiated. Root canal therapy removes the infected nerve. By removing the infected nerves and diseased tissue inside the tooth, pain is eliminated and the tooth can be restored to its normal functionality. After a root canal is completed, the inside of the tooth is rebuilt and a crown is placed over the tooth restoring its stability.

Root canal treatment begins with opening the tooth and accessing the nerve. Tiny files are used to gain entry to the canal, remove the infected nerve, and shape the canal for filling and sealing the canals. After the completion of root canal therapy, the inside of the tooth is rebuilt. In some cases a dental post is necessary to anchor the final restoration, which is a crown. The root canal and restoring the tooth can take two to three appointments.

Los Angeles and West Hollywood dentist, Dr. Baseri will make sure to provide the best root canal treatment for his patients.