What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser has been around for many years and it has many different applications. Dr. Baseri is dedicated to providing the best treatment and experience for all of his patients. He has invested in dental laser by BIOLASE which helps his dental procedures to have excellent healing time and in many situations avoiding dental anesthesia prior to starting dental procedures such as white fillings, frenectomy, biopsy, cancer sore, and many more.

Many patients have fear of going to dentist because of previous dental experiences during their childhoods. Unfortunately the scars of fear can stay with one for many years. At Smile Recreation, Dr. Baseri has been successful to manage many individuals anxiety by understanding his patient’s fear of dentist and help each individual to overcome their stress and dreading going to dentist. Furthermore, with extensive continuing education courses and training, Dr. Baseri is fully trained in Laser Dentistry and is proud to help his patients to have a better dental experience.

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Here you will find some examples and application of Laser Dentistry:


Solid and thick tissue band connecting upper lip to gum line near two front teeth can case separation or gap between two front teeth. This is an example of Maxillary (upper) frenectomy.

Lingual Frenectomy

Lip tie and tongue tightness is a symptoms that does not allow one to move his or her lips and tongue accordingly during speech, and daily talk. With help of laser Dr. Baseri can solve this problem in less than 5 minutes.